I found photography quite young in life. When I was in middle school, I would spend my summers photographing family members and basically anything that would sit still. Digital was new technology and I completely fell in in love with process of digital photography. Growing up in a rural town in Georgia, no one thought twice about a 12 year old showing up to shoot weddings. Post high school, I moved to Atlanta to study at the Portfolio Center, where I gave up weddings for fashion-editorial photography. I worked for a year in Atlanta after completing my program and struck out for New York City with my portfolio in hand. I've been freelancing as a photographer in NYC since 2012. I've been very fortunate to have traveled the world, won an award or two, and make some friends along the way. In 2015, I had the opportunity to travel to Sweden to photograph a friend's wedding and it really reignited my passion for weddings. On this trip is where I realized I get to do all my favorite things. Tell stories, create portraits, throw in some fashion elements, and spend time with people on their biggest day. Also, you won't find a photographer with better dance moves!